You are welcome to trade metals with MEX

MEX has established a metal trading network with major metal traders,

manufacturers, consumers and speculators all over the world to bring

customers a rich market experience. Customers can enjoy many advantages

such as real-time trading orders, position record and tracking, account management,

low spreads and first-class market depth.

MEX Group licensed and regulated by ASIC, BaFin, FMA, CNMV, FSC, CIMA and DFSA

Advantages of metals trading with MEX

Metals variety


Gold is international investment product. It is an investment and financial management project, in which various gold companies establish trading platforms and carry out trading with market makers using leverage. The daily trading volume of the gold market is approximately US$20 trillion, and no individual or consortium has enough funds to control the global gold market. The gold trading unit is 1 contract, and one contract is 100 ounces.


Silver has always been the "shadow" of gold, and it is also a type of contract trading based on the leverage principle. Silver trading takes the U.S. dollar as the currency unit and the ounce as the contract unit, and the price fluctuates with market changes. The trading weight is 1 ounce, which means 1 lot, and the trading unit is 100 ounces or its multiples.

Metals spread

Product pairs Maximus standard account
Floating spread (cents)
MB PRO account
Floating spread (cents)
ECN Pro account
Floating spread (cents)
XAU/USD 30 15 8
XAG/USD 5 4 3

* Under normal market trading conditions

• Maximus standard account Min. account size: $200 and above Average spread: 1.4
• MB PRO account Min. account size: $1000and above Average spread: 0.8
• ECN Pro account Min. account size: $5000and above ECN-7

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